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Toxic Substances In Office Air

I can see you.

You work in a building that has a number of office cubicles that provide for a more open look allowing more comfort, light and better communications with your co-workers. Welcome to the new work environment of today. You and millions of people in the US and around the world now work in similar office environments.

While these types of office arrangements are often much more efficient and less expensive than individual offices, they can be more costly in health care issues and loss of productive man hours due to some significant indoor air quality issues.

When work can really make you sick.

For years the challenges with indoor air quality have been one of the major issues facing building owners and company management. Being cooped up in an office 8 to 10 hours a day five days a week breathing mostly unfiltered air, with few air changes per hour and being exposed to potentially toxic substances can create health issues that can be chronic and debilitating.

In a recent study, scientists are reporting that indoor air in offices is an important source of worker exposure to potentially toxic substances released by carpeting, furniture, paint and other items. Their report documents a link between levels of these so-called polyfluorinated compounds (PFC’s) in office air and in the blood of workers. ( Study done in 2011)

The final results of the study found concentrations of a PFC called fluorotelomer alcohol (FTOH) in office air that were 3-5 times higher than those reported in previous studies of household air, “suggesting that offices may represent a unique important exposure environment.” In addition, the study found a strong link between concentrations of FTOH in office air and perfluoroctanoic acid in the blood of office workers. The results also suggested that workers in newly renovated office buildings may receive considerably higher doses of PFC’s than workers in older buildings.

Direct and indirect resolutions

Obviously if you are planning on establishing an office or re-doing your current office environment you can search out materials and office furniture that will not become a toxic producer. Today there are many non-toxic materials used in office furniture, flooring and paints. If you are not able to make that switch you can make sure you keep the air in the environment as clean and toxic free as possible by using commercial grade, granular activated carbon filters in the HVAC and air handling systems for your office.

D Mark, Inc.® has been manufacturing carbon based air filtration products for over 42 years and has a lot of experience in dealing with the specific types of compounds described in the study. Using their CarbonWeb® and OdorGuard® patented carbon medias D Mark will provide filters or bulk media specifically designed to reduce or remove the harmful levels of PFC’s in the work environment.

For more information on the complete line of granular activated carbon medias offered by D Mark please go to our website at: or follow us on Twitter. @dmarkinc. You can also call us on our toll-free number: 800-343-3610.
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