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Pretzel Sandwich

For most of us, the use of a common word that is attached to a product or process for ease of explanation is an established concept. When we use “car” or “automotive” in front of words like cleaner or wash we immediately relate to the product and its’ purpose. We do this so the product is easily identifiable to the end user. Using a term like, “Dirt Evaporator” can be clever but it is not obvious to the person shopping for car wash solutions.

So when you see the word “Pretzel Sandwich” on a menu in a restaurant you understand what a pretzel is and you certainly understand what a sandwich is and for the most part these products are independent of each other. So what exactly is a Pretzel Sandwich? In the case of this particular menu, this item is a very small, light sandwich served on a very small pretzel loaf.

Using terms for technical products that are not easily recognizable or understood is a risk you take when trying to get the potential customer to purchase your product. This is even more difficult when you have a product that is well known in the common or “colloquial” term but not as the technical term.

Take the word “charcoal” for example. Everyone has heard of charcoal. It is a commonly used fuel for “Charcoal Grills” and many people remember coal from both the early days of having coal fired furnaces in your home and of course the coal fired power plants that generate electricity for many people. However, when we use charcoal for things other than fuel we often refer to its technical name..”Granular Activated Carbon”.

D Mark® Incorporated has been manufacturing granular activated carbon filters and adsorption products for over 41 years. The term granular activated carbon refers to charcoal which has been exposed to an oxidizing atmosphere at temperatures ranging from 600 -1200 degree centigrade. Due to its high degree of microporosity, just one gram of activated carbon has a surface area in excess of 500 m2 ( about one-tenth the size of a football field).

D Mark uses GAC in a number of its patented carbon medias, namely its’ OdorGuard® and CarbonWeb® products. These carbon filters are used in a wide range of commercial, institutional, industrial and residential applications. Because of its high surface area and inherent properties, GAC is one of the most effective materials in the reduction and/or removal of odors and gaseous pollutants.

In order to properly educate their customers, D Mark, Inc. has developed an easy to navigate website that has the entire D Mark catalog in PDF format, as well as a section dedicated to educating the new and existing customers to the overall capabilities of their products. D Mark also excels in its “Customer Service” and that’s one term everyone understands.

For more information on the complete line of carbon based products please go to our website at: or contact us directly on our toll-free line at; 800-343-3610.
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