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I Find That Boring Without Actually Being Interesting

While attending a conference at a hotel in another city for your company you are forced to sit at a table full of people you don’t know. To make matter worse, you are surrounded by engineers and you are the only marketing person in the group. The engineers look at marketing people as necessary evils and you….well you just don’t care about the technical stuff. Your attempt at adding anything significant to the conversation in a desperate attempt at fitting in…. fails.

It today’s fast paced, social media, tsunami-like atmosphere it is hard to stay focused on and get involved in more than one or two issues with any depth. Even in small companies where everyone wears multiple hats, you tend to gravitate toward areas where you have some passion and excel. All other topics are just not that interesting to you. Even if they are major parts of you companies product line or service.

D Mark® has been making granular activated carbon based products for over 40 years. Carbon, or charcoal as it is sometimes referred to, is not the most glamorous product. It is not a topic of discussion at the dinner table and nobody does much texting on their cell phones to ask for directions to their local carbon dealer. Far from it. But for those individuals who deal with odor issues or gaseous pollutants, carbon can be their BFF. ( ask your teenager what this means )

There is nothing better, nothing more efficient, nothing as cost effective in removing or reducing odors and gases, than carbon. Nothing. Just ask the technicians at D Mark, Inc. The employees at D Mark are passionate about their company’s product lines and excel in understanding how to apply their technology to your application. To them your problems are not boring. And yes they are interested in hearing your stories about how you have tried everything to remove or reduce the odor or gas problem with little success.

So when you get your CarbonWeb® or OdorGuard® filter from D Mark you’ll find it very interesting in how well it works. So much so that you may even text or email your friends. Or better yet post your success on your Facebook page.

For more information on the complete line of products from D Mark, please go to our website at: Or, you can call us on our toll free number at: 800-343-3610
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