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Funnel Shaped Greens

You hit the ball well off the first tee and got on the green in two. You sink this putt and you have a birdie for the first hole. But not to worry. You are playing on one of the new funnel shaped greens so no matter where you hit the ball with your putter you are assured of getting it into the cup for your birdie.

Okay, I know the golfing gods would frown on this type of Rube Goldberg set up. But wouldn’t it be nice once in a while to have some certainty about your ability to get the ball into the cup no matter where you play it on the green? In fact, wouldn’t it be great to know that you would be guaranteed completion of performance for anything you did or asked someone to do?

Companies are more than willing to tell you what their services or products can and will do for you. But less than revealing when the promises of performance fall flat. You see, they don’t usually offer products like funnel shaped greens.

Dmark, Inc.® has been providing funnel shaped granular activated carbon of sorts for over 41 years. Their patented carbon product processes, including CarbonWeb® and OdorGuard®, have been providing commercial, residential, industrial and institutional customers with high performance odor and gaseous pollutant reduction and removal.

Dmark offers a wide variety of carbon and media based adsorption products that are specifically designed for the HVACR industry. In addition, Dmark makes a wide assortment of carbon filters in many sizes containing different amounts of GAC for the commercial and industrial markets. And, Dmark has a large assortment of appliance filters for the residential market.

Customers come to rely on the consistent performance of the carbon filters and media offered by Dmark. If they have a specific odor or gaseous pollutant problem, the technicians at Dmark will design a carbon filter or blended adsorption media filter to meet their exact performance requirements. Over 41 years of experience in working with some of the most demanding odor and gas challenges has enabled Dmark to develop standard carbon based products that are both cost effective and deliver the needed results.

For more information on the complete line of products go to our website at: www.dmarkinc.com or follow us on Twitter @dmarkinc. Of course you can always call us at our toll free number. 800-343-3610. If you are having problems with your putting game we suggest finding that course with the funnel greens.
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