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Coconut Shell Carbon

“Put the lime in the coconut, drink them both together… put the lime in the coconut, then you feel better.” I think you remember this song from Harry Nilsson. It was catchy, cute and most people only remember a few lines, like the ones at the beginning of this paragraph. Perhaps this song plays in your mind every time you see a coconut.

Interesting to know that aside from the nice, white, chewy coconut meat you get inside these hard to open fruits, ( also called a nut or a seed ) the shell of the coconut has some real value as another product, namely granular activated carbon.

Why Coconuts?

Coconut shell carbon is one of the most common carbons in use today. Unlike charcoal based carbon which is more expensive and more difficult to activate, coconut shells are more easily converted to granular activated carbon.

The shells are ground up and then placed in a large kiln and heated, with steam, to over 1100 degrees F. This both burns the shell and expands the porous openings of the material so the surface area for adsorption of odors or gases is greatly expanded to the extent that a pound of granular activated coconut shell carbon has the surface area of over 10 football fields.

More Carbon Less Dust

D Mark® has been making carbon based products for over 41 years. Their patented CarbonWeb® and OdorGuard® products are considered some of the best in the U.S. We use coconut shell based carbons as they produce the best overall efficiency pound for pound for adsorption of a very wide range of gaseous pollutants and odors and they produce much less dust than charcoal based carbons.

The granular activated carbon products from D Mark are much more user friendly as they do not separate during shipping or use and produce some of the carbon dust that is often associated with some other carbon based products. This is important for two reasons. First, it is much cleaner. When you unwrap the D Mark carbon filters you won’t have small carbon particles falling all over you and the floor. Secondly, you are paying for a known quantity of carbon or adsorption media and you don’t want to see a significant portion of it lying on the floor unable to perform the function for which you purchased the product.

Try Us Once, Use Us Forever

D Mark, Inc. has a solid reputation for performance. They have to maintain that challenge every day. If you have an odor or gaseous pollutant problem call us or email us with your specific issue. Our technicians will select the best product to fit your needs. For more information on our complete product line please go to our website at: or find us on Twitter @dmarkinc. Of course you can call us as well on our toll free number. 800-343-3610.
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