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A Breath of Fresh Air

How many times have you been in a crowd at an indoor party and someone says, I need to go outside and get a breath of fresh air. Sometimes after being cooped up in a classroom all day at school or working in a high people density area you feel like all the air you have been breathing is recycled, stale air and you cant wait to get outside ( even if it is raining or cold ) just to take a few gulps of fresh air. Its happened to all of us and probably on more than one occasion.

But what exactly is fresh air? Can you smell or taste the difference? I guess you could see the difference if you were in a smoky room or dusty, dirty environment. Obviously the visible airborne particles would be a dead give-away. So does that mean fresh air has no airborne particles or odors or.flavor?

The term fresh air is actually somewhat of a misnomer. Outside air, depending upon the proximity to buildings, towns or industry, can actually be worse than indoor air.
Unfortunately, ventilation systems in most buildings and some homes introduce outside air to dilute the concentrations of odors, high levels and CO2 and particulates. This tends to compound the IAQ problem for indoor environments. While the process of introducing fresh air can reduce the CO2 levels, it introduces a wide range of heavy metals, exhaust gases and other airborne contaminants.

In order to lower the airborne particulate level and reduce or remove the harmful gases and difficult odors indoors, both the indoor air and the outside air that is introduced into a living space have to be filtered. This not only requires high end media filters but also commercial grade granular activated carbon.

D-Mark, Inc. has been manufacturing commercial grade, granular activated carbon filters for over 42 years. Their name is synonymous with the carbon industry. Providing their customers with the best available carbon adsorption systems has been their goal from the start. Their CarbonWeb, OdorGuard and Adsorball based product lines offer a wide range of styles and blends of adsorptive media for almost any gaseous pollutant problem you can name.

D-Mark, Inc. has carbon media filters specifically designed to work with HVAC systems, both commercial and residential. In addition, D-Mark makes a number of specialty carbon filters for the OEM markets. Their Ring Panel filters offer a combination of both a highly effective polyester media for particulate removal, filled with various amounts of granular activated carbon for odor and gas removal. These filters, as well as others, are great for the light duty commercial or residential markets.

With the carbon based filters from D-Mark you can truly say that are getting a breath of fresh air.

For more information on the complete of carbon based filters please go to:, or follow us on Twitter @dmarkinc and of course you can always call us on our toll-free number at: 800-343-3610.

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