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A Breath of Fresh Air

How many times have you been in a crowd at an indoor party and someone says,… “I need to go outside and get a breath of fresh air.” Sometimes after being cooped up in a classroom all day at school or working in a high “people” density area you feel like all the air you have been breathing is recycled, stale air and you can’t wait to get outside ( even if it is raining or cold ) just to take a few gulps of fresh air. It’s happened to all of us and probably on more than one occasion.

But what exactly is fresh air? Can you smell or taste the difference? I guess you could see the difference if you were in a smoky room or dusty, dirty environment. Obviously the visible airborne particles would be a dead give-away. So does that mean fresh air has no airborne particles or odors or….flavor?

The term fresh air is actually somewhat of a misnomer. Outside air, depending upon the proximity to buildings, towns or industry, can actually be worse than indoor air.
Unfortunately, ventilation systems in most buildings and some homes introduce outside air to dilute the concentrations of odors, high levels and CO2 and particulates. This tends to compound the IAQ problem for indoor environments. While the process of introducing fresh air can reduce the CO2 levels, it introduces a wide range of heavy metals, exhaust gases and other airborne contaminants.

In order to lower the airborne particulate level and reduce or remove the harmful gases and difficult odors indoors, both the indoor air and the outside air that is introduced into a living space have to be filtered. This not only requires high end media filters but also commercial grade granular activated carbon.

D-Mark, Inc. has been manufacturing commercial grade, granular activated carbon filters for over 42 years. Their name is synonymous with the carbon industry. Providing their customers with the best available carbon adsorption systems has been their goal from the start. Their CarbonWeb®, OdorGuard® and Adsorball® based product lines offer a wide range of styles and blends of adsorptive media for almost any gaseous pollutant problem you can name.

D-Mark, Inc.® has carbon media filters specifically designed to work with HVAC systems, both commercial and residential. In addition, D-Mark makes a number of specialty carbon filters for the OEM markets. Their Ring Panel filters offer a combination of both a highly effective polyester media for particulate removal, filled with various amounts of granular activated carbon for odor and gas removal. These filters, as well as others, are great for the light duty commercial or residential markets.

With the carbon based filters from D-Mark you can truly say that are getting “a breath of fresh air.”®

For more information on the complete of carbon based filters please go to:, or follow us on Twitter @dmarkinc and of course you can always call us on our toll-free number at: 800-343-3610.

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It was evident Monday morning that not all west side residents are with the program.Heather Connell, manager of integrated services with solid waste resources, said the spacing issue was the biggest challenge on the first morning.
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The University of Central Florida's $3 million, five year contract with Adidas isn't the biggest sports apparel deal for a college athletics department, but it is nothing to sneeze at, either. Or "was" nothing to sneeze at, it might be more appropriate to say. The sneaker manufacturer reportedly ended its relationship with Central Florida Wednesday night.. Goedkope Giuseppe Zanotti farfetchGoedkope Giuseppe Zanotti at sakslouis vuitton monogram eden speedy bag 2010 Michael Jordan, for those of you who don't live in the United States or who have never owned a pair of Nike shoes, was/is a famous basketball player. He may even have been the best basketball player ever, but as my name is Steve Nash (yes, really!) then I couldn't possibly comment on that. Anyway, Michael was a success on the basketball court, for sure. His nickname for his wife was "Pretty," as in "Hi, Pretty. How are you?" And, says Bonnie, "he really did want to know how I was. All of our 32 years together. 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The company took its name from the Number 8 in the , and part of its inspiration came from the Wamsleys' proximity to the , where they witness its conquerors of all ages. They also recruited Dr. Justin Mager, a partner at the Clear Center of Health, an integrative health clinic downtown on Throckmorton Avenue, as a co founder and medical director.. Whether you're just getting to the Magic Kingdom or on your way out, there is only one street to go down en route to a day of run or a night of much needed sleep. Old town America's clothing shops and eateries transfer you back to a simpler time that you may have never even been a part of. 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Certainly the way the season has gone, Brett Gardner's spectacular catch was proof this would be another night when the Yankees and Mets would go their separate ways.The other '42' bids farewell to Flushing Mariano Rivera's retirement tour continued Monday with the iconic final player in baseball ever to wear No. 42 seated in front of a giant blue version of his number inside the Jackie Robinson Rotunda at Citi Field.Indiana's George taken to LeSchool Apparently, defending Carmelo Anthony just isn't the same as trying to stop LeBron James. Paul George, the Pacers' small forward, has emerged as the rising young star of the NBA playoffs, with his strong defensive performance against Anthony in the second round.Bondy: Torts' future linked to Henrik's The rules regarding the media and John Tortorella are brutally clear: If you ask the Ranger coach any questions about his struggling players, about injuries, about lineups or opponents, you will quickly be told to kiss his butt, which did not have such a great season behind the bench.PHOTOS: Dan's the man! Murph's hit gives Mets Subway win The first Subway Series meeting of 2013 didn't lack for drama. Waxman. Unlike some, I am not afraid to post my name here.I too offer my deepest condolences and hope that the Naples Daily news staff that monitor these blogs is sitting up and taking notice of all the readers who are sick and tired of every news story turning into a forum for racists and their disturbed rantings.I dare say that undoubtedly those who have posted against these sick people who spew nothing but hate are true red blooded Americans who do not support nor subscribe to this type of behavior and have made their thoughts perfectly clear. The comment made by one of the minions claiming that those who were in here bashing, bullying and belittling persons of other races are the true "Patriotic Americans" was truly the icing on the cake to the illustrate the ridiculousness and mental shortcomings of these deranged people.. louis vuitton multicolor speedy 30 m92643 authenticGoedkope Giuseppe Zanotti 2012 fall collectionGoedkope Giuseppe Zanotti color block wedges It keeps you focused. Try to read very quickly using the hand as a pacing tool. Maybe at about 1 page every 10 seconds, or 2,500 words a minute. He offers already developed an assortment of speakers with regard to other leading corporations including Nike. Custom low shoes As if which he did upon his previous designs, he offers also turned both the Reebok Pump Graphlite from being ordinary to be able to a spectacular couple. Stash described differently materials along upper including suede, sleek leather, and nylon mesh which brought the couple a very appealing texture. Working class folk simply don't have such options of exclusivity, so they resort to provinciality and personal physical violence. What else do they have?? They don't have the ready capability to pick up and leave when the demographic winds change. So, they stand and fight, or act out against the "other", the invaiders.. louis vuitton damier speedy 25 salefake ray ban usaauthentic louis vuitton speedy 35 sale Good nutrition is eating sufficient quantities of food from the four basic food groups on the Harvard food plate, and not from the food pyramid nor the department of agriculture food plate. "Sufficient quantities" is defined by your ideal body weight. Good nutrition is eating a reasonable amount of raw food everyday. Suzanne D'Amato: I'd start by investing in a few pairs of beautifully made slacks in a not too exaggerated bootcut or wide leg shape. I like black and navy myself, but choose whichever colors you turn to the most. Then supplement that with one to two blazers that will coordinate with your slacks without matching them exactly. Her daughter was annoying and all the two of them do the entire time is fight. I do about 90% of the work. On the last trip she finds two pair of new jeans with the tags still on them. louis vuitton speedy 30 damier ebene canvas top handlelouis vuitton speedy azur 25fake ray ban 3025 1. We'll get to the referees' call in a moment. Right now, let's talk about a season long problem for the Dolphins about giving up too many and not getting enough of Tony Sparano's beloved "chunk yards." The Steelers had three passes (53 yard to Mike Wallace for a TD, 43 to Hines Ward and 29 to Mewelde Moore) longer than the Dolphins biggest play (the 26 yard TD by Davone Bess).. Barney is, for all intents and purposes, obsessed with gender performing various masculine types, dealing with several icons and images of masculinity and even, perhaps most uniquely, examining the biology of men with the incisiveness of a physician opening up the interiority of men to the viewer's gaze. In doing so, he focuses on the things that make up difference between men and women. His performance artwork and video filmmaking turn a keen eye on the masculine, inspecting and measuring what it means to be a man.
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Following my urgent plea that the Chattanooga Volkswagen plant workers turn away an invasion of the United Auto Workers over the weekend, I had four requests for a correction which I am happy to clarify: the current union dues for a worker are equivalent to two hours pay "per month," not "per week" as I erroneously stated. I also must have had two dozen emails that confirmed the . (click for more). fake louis vuitton speedylouis vuitton damier speedy bag 25Goedkope Giuseppe Zanotti e30258 It offers webcam availability when you want to connect with friends. The web cam is a 1.3 mega pixel and rotates around so that you can record everything around you. It also offers Wi Fi for being able to use wireless internet, a great feature for when you travel and want to use it at cafes or other Wi Fi connected places.. Heinz has been receiving treatment at Doernbecher's since she was very young. When she was a baby she was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis, a genetic disorder which causes tumors to grow. With the help of doctors and surgeons at Doernbecher's, Heinz has been fighting off malignant brain tumors since she was 5 years old.. If one of their large three (not including Ray Allen) turn out to be injured, it will likely be a lot tougher for them to gain video games. Simply because of that cause, head coach Doc Rivers is going to be required to play the mature starters less mins, which implies less wins. Less wins indicates no homecourt advantage within the playoffs. louis vuitton speedy bags blackcheap ray ban 3026 aviator largelouis vuitton speedy fake how to spot I see great potential for this kind of endorsement deal: (1) The endorsement name ("Subway," "Google," or "Nike") is on the back of the player's jersey, giving the name air time in the same way that logos on a jersey appear onscreen. (2) When the announcer calls the player's name, that's advertising: "Taco Bell scores another touchdown." (3) There's a first mover advantage. The first time a player changes his or her name for an endorsement deal (read: money), that will create a buzz about the acceptable boundaries of advertising. Never used them myself.Primecondition promises to offer a similar service, though apparently not just yet.Personally, I like DJ Steveboy's PodRunner podcasts, which offers a variety of high speed mixes for you to exercise to, typically between 45 minutes and an hour. If you use the iTunes Music Store, Nike offers three or four 45 workout mixes, but at $10, they're overpriced.Treadmill Trainer brings expert running coach to MP3 players just in time for upcoming marathonsToronto, ON (Aug 1, 2006) Getting fitter, gaining better health, and training for running events such as 5K, 10K, and half and full marathons just got more convenient and a lot more effective today with an announcement from Total Wellness Consulting of a cutting edge running program series for MP3 players. "Treadmill Trainer" is the second line of MP3 guided workouts in the Y Audio Trainer series to be released by Total Wellness Consulting. If he didn have a shoulder to cry on, a head nod would do. Whatever, the bouncer thought. Room known as Spank. louis vuitton speedy 30 damier ebene canvas top handlecheap ray ban 3025fake ray ban wholesale Orthotics is a medical term used to describe special appliances that are placed inside the shoe to provide an artificial curvature that approximates a natural arch. In this case, the orthotic arch replicates the height and placement of the foot arch. A podiatrist or related specialist creates a custom foot support in either a rigid, semi rigid or soft arch, with the firmness determined by the individual orthotic needs. Here are a couple of great websites to check out:Based on how often you run and how far, it will determine when you need to change your shoes. I started carrying a pedometer with me and adding up my steps at the end of my run to keep track of when I change my shoes. The website says to change every 350 550 miles. The reason for all these potential side effects is because there are DHT and testosterone receptors in our brain, sexual organs, muscles, and almost everywhere in our body to varying degrees. When you start to mess around with a hormone that is naturally meant to be at certain levels in our body but you artificially block it, it doesn't just affect your hair lineit also affects many other organs. There are concerns that even after men come off the hair loss medications that these effects may persist to some degree or another.. louis vuitton speedy 30 damier azur saleGoedkope Giuseppe Zanotti wedge bootsused louis vuitton speedy 30 There are indications that Quentin once again proved himself, conquest of the fans, and once again create Quentin whirlwind. Not only will this stock cyclone swept through the film market, but will go deep into the art of film to go. 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Due to its increased popularity, Nike introduced lots of variety and styles. BO has brought in some improvements to Millions of Americans and that should stand him in good stead. No matter which party wins the election, they can't make dramatic changes because American economy is linked to the entire world and largely with China's. But many Americans would reflect on the Bush presidency before committing to another conservative who seems to have paid fewer Tax$s than most Americans. When these are cheap Ugg Boots, the excitement just gets doubled. Most chic looking UGG Classic Cardy Boots are in fashion now. These are one of the favorite fashion accessories for men and women long time ago. used louis vuitton speedy 40Goedkope Giuseppe Zanotti e20078Goedkope Giuseppe Zanotti fit It's just too strange she started the blog in late June and all was blissful and their sex life was great, and then she introduces the "laura" element. Never mentions any doubts until her brother reminds her of her appointment with the PI. Who instantly has proof, and good video. I did it by putting the piece in a vise (ridge on one side, 'lips' on the other) and hammered it towards the ridge side, opened the vise, slid it up a little, closed the vise, and hammered again. Do this a couple of times and it will have the desired shape. After you have finished the leaves, just weld them on to the stem and grind away the welds. In response, Beijing called a National Basketball Conference in 1999, which resolved to from other countries and transfer their experience of developing professional basketball to our own situation. To learn about the NBA and NCAA systems. He used that knowledge to implement the 10 year Reform Project 2005 2014, in hopes of turning the CBA into the second largest professional basketball league in the world and breaking into the top three rankings for the women team and the top six rankings for the men team at the 2008 Olympic Games. louis vuitton speedy saleGoedkope Giuseppe Zanotti latest newslouis vuitton monogram mini lin speedy 30 pink handbag This three decade old footwear company understands the needs of a sportsman and is always at work trying to give them the best. With technological advances in cushioning and traction, Nike sneakers come out tops in all sporting departments. The Nike Air and Zoom Air technology ensure maximum cushioning so that the feet do not feel the pressure. We had talk about Jason Kidd possibly returning to the Nets as their head coach, proving that when you can't get Phil Jackson, everybody and his uncle is in play.But at the Finals, we had a much needed respite from James, who has withstood the nonstop probing and has kept his poise as well as he does on the court when he can't get a call, which is happening with more frequency.Monday was a travel day for James and his teammates after they blew out the Spurs, 103 84. It was a chance for the Heat to get some Tex Mex on the Riverwalk, or, if they had some good local contacts who know where the authentic stuff is, off the beaten track.Jan 29th, 12:27PM Knicks send three to D League The Knicks assigned Cole Aldrich, Toure' Murry and Jeremy Tyler to their NBA Development League affiliate, the Erie Bayhawks, on Wednesday. TheEditors' Picks Mets edge Yanks in Subway Series opener Daniel Murphy added some flourish to the Subway Series Monday night, tomahawking his bat into the turf as he ran to first after delivering the winning hit in the Mets' 2 1 victory over the Yankees at Citi Field.Harper: Captain Wright's the ship for Mets The catch seemed destined to be another moment that defined the baseball pecking order in New York. With one of the magnetic copper bracelets of your own, you'll be doing yourself a favor. If you want your health to be regarded, you should purchase the simple item. It may be hard to believe that a mere piece of jewelry can do so much as boost the immune system and rid the body of serious illnesses but because results have been in place, you shouldn't be doubtful. louis vuitton speedy 40 bag pricelouis vuitton damier azur speedy 35 eluxurypurple Goedkope Giuseppe Zanotti shoes I don't know what your struggles are, but I know Heavenly Father loves us all and does care for us. Sometimes I really have to search hard for the small blessings, but it helps. He knows our struggles and I have learned that sometimes our sadness and worries clouds this and we think we are alone. It really is better to buy than to sell there lol. I know I've bought quite a few brand new things from there for $2 3 per outfit. I think you'd get more money of it was on their list of things they really need. Gus Ruelas / Associated PressHere's a long shot scenario instead of abusing Chris Kaman and the Los Angeles Clippers, is there a possibility of LeBron James joining the "other" team in Tinseltown?CLEVELAND, Ohio Our focus has been on New York and Chicago for so long, perhaps we should shift our gaze to the West Coast for a bit. Peter Vecsey says an "impeccable" source tells him DreamWorks co founder David Geffen wants to buy 51 percent of the Los Angeles Clippers and had dinner Friday with Clippers owner Donald Sterling to discuss that. The source told Vecsey he could deliver James if that happened.. louis vuitton damier canvas speedy 25 salelouis vuitton speedy is it fakeGoedkope Giuseppe Zanotti croc Low top Air Max 2010 are commonly made from leather with . Patent normal leather based on the Nike Air Griffey Max one remains to be a matter, using this . Similar to the Stash a Nike Air Primary BW and Eminem Nike Air Crack open, this type of Italian made Nike Air Max ninety seven Lux Confined Edition encom . When the fourth version was introduced in 1987 the logo was changed to what was dubbed the jumpman a picture of a basketball player going up for a slam dunk. This logo appeared on a multitude of locations depending on the particular shoe. Sides, tongue and sole were all fair game for logo placement and the jumpman appeared on all.. You want to have shoes that allow you to move quickly and gracefully, and that guard your feet for injuries. If you've ever had an uncomfortable pair of shoes, you know how trying and even painful that can be. Let's look at some of the things you should be aware of when shopping for basketball shoes. Goedkope Giuseppe Zanotti 2012 collectionlouis vuitton speedy cube 45louis vuitton speedy 40 handbag Thats the reason for which an extra focus is laid on the type of materials to be used for designing them. New Balance is reputed for designing some extremely comfortable brands of shoes that are perfectly suited to be used both for long or shor . After its establishment, they have been producing excellent footwear intended for customers all over the World. It is wonderful that the leisure nike air jordan shoes light up perform in the ground by the players at night. Light is green and the leather is white and black. All of the colours are fresh and simple.
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